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get a little flutter. >> reporter: larry of big valley metal detectors believes the discoveries could be good for his business as gold fever seems to spike every time there's a big find. >> we are going to probably see a big push for people that have property up in the motherlode. they are going to want to be searching. >> everybody wants to hit the millions. >> reporter: the couple plans to sell most of the coins on but will keep some of them to pass down to the family as a memento. in auburn, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> well, for a while the couple struggled with what to do with their find. >> i guess they did. they actually went out and reburied the treasure in their yard so they could consult experts. i think i would have found a safety deposit box somewhere and plopped those babies in there. >> no kidding. >> i think a lot of people are going to go in their backyards and start digging. >> that's where they say a lot of people find stuff because other people have buried stuff there that lived there before. isn't that crazy? coolest story of the day. >>> we have some rain co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1